Roofing product line-up

Timberline weathered wood Asphalt Shingles

Most Popular

∎ Architecturally stylish

∎ Stain Guard®

∎ Extra high wind zones

∎ BRANZ Appraised

∎ Excellent performer in both coastal and alpine environment

GAF Slateline asphalt shingles

Bold shadow lines

∎ Stately Appearance

∎ UV blocker granules

∎ Stain Guard®

∎ Double row of Dura Grip

∎ Heavyweight design and extra-strong Micro Weave ® core

TPO single ply roof water proofing

Ideal for flat roofing

∎ Buildings, warehouses and homes

∎ Decking with pedestal system

∎ Exceptional seam strength and puncture resistance

∎ Superior long term weathering

∎ BRANZ Appraised

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BRANZ Appraised for New Zealand’s harshest environments.

While GAF Asphalt shingles have UL and ASTM international certification, they have also been BRANZ Appraised for New Zealand specifically.  BRANZ are the leading major Appraisal company in New Zealand and are highly respected by industry Professionals and Territorial Authorities alike.  GAF Asphalt shingles, inspiring not only natural beauty,   but also industry rated confidence second to none.

Engineered to Endure

Timberline® Basic Install

Recipe for success: High tech ingredients
  • Diamond Cut™ Granules
    Multi-faceted design and light-reflective construction add dimension and depth to the shingle
  • UV Blocker (Granules)
    Protects against damaging sunlight which improves the durability and extends the life of the shingle
  • Colour Lock™ Ceramic Firing (Granules)
    Maintains the true colour of the shingle longer
  • Dura Grip® Adhesive
    Locks the shingles in place on the roof, gripping tight in even strong gale force winds
  • StainGuard® Protection
    Helps ensure the beauty of your roof against unsightly blue-green algae.
  • Micro Weave® Core
    Offers a superior strength foundation that resists cracking and splitting
  • FiberTech® Components (Core)
    Incorporates fibres that are non-combustible, providing a UL Class A fire rating
Timberline HD®
Asphalt shingle colour selection

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